Carrot Stick Riding and One Rein Riding Tips

Juggling your rein, carrot stick and horse can be a daunting exercise in coordination.  In the following video I'll show you a few tips for Carrot Stick Riding and One Rein Riding Dynamics. We'll talk about some of the top challenges I hear from my students when they first start to experiment with One Rein Riding and incorporating the Carrot Stick.

  • How to hold the Carrot Stick correctly and use it effectively for turns.
  • Incorporating "phases" for Carrot Stick Riding.
  • How to ride more effectively with one rein.
  • How to toss the rein over the horse's head without it speeding up.
  • How to back the horse with one rein effectively.
  • How to keep the horse from flexing the neck when asking for the backup.

I cover this topic in depth in my Level 2 and Level 3 Clinics, and we may even find it a fun challenge to go back to One Rein Riding in more advanced clinics like my Follow Your Dream Series.  We'll set up an obstacle course and challenge each other to navigate the obstacles using only one rein or even no reins!  If you are looking to improve and/or challenge your riding skills this Spring, I'd love for you to come ride with me!

Happy Trails,

Christi Rains

"The more I learn, the smarter my horse gets!"

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