Flying Lead Changes Lesson With Pat Parelli

Pat Parelli was at his best at the Mesquite Tour Stop of the Heart and Soul Tour recently. He was very informative, entertaining and outrageously funny as he coached me through Flying Lead Changes with Annie. 

Annie has no problems with Flying Lead Changes without me on her back. It is easy for me to get my body into a Left Lead position, but because I am right-handed, it is harder for me to get my body into a right lead position.  Annie fills in for me most of the time, but Flying Lead Changes from right to left are much more consistent for us than from left to right. 

I tend to ride with my left shoulder forward most of the time, which sets us up for left leads. Pat’s inventive solution to help me was for me to hold Annie’s tail with my left hand. This put my left shoulder back and my weight on my left seat bone. While holding Annie’s tail, Pat instructed us to try left leads, right leads, counter canter, simple changes and finally, Flying Lead Changes from left to right…. Problem fixed!

The audience got a big laugh out of it. It was a funny sight. I think you’ll enjoy it and learn a lot from my lesson with Pat.

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