Improve Your Indirect and Direct Rein

I like to use my Carrot Stick to motivate my horse to move his rear end and front end for Indirect and Direct Rein turns. Sometimes, they get a little lazy about responding to your seat, leg and rein. Following up your cues with the Carrot Stick is a great way to help your horse understand just what you are asking. As you view the video, notice that I bring my hand towards my belly button with my fingernails UP for the Indirect Yield. Allow a little slip of the rein as you bring the hand to your belly button so it is a softer aid. If the front feet continue to move, as Annie’s did here, you may do two things: (1) “lift to stop the drift” (lift the rein from your belly button towards your opposite shoulder) and (2) tap the horse on the hip with the carrot stick. Make sure your weight is forward to free up the hind legs. Why am I reaching across and twisting my body to tap the horse on the hip with the carrot stick???? It puts your seat and weight in the right position to push the horse’s hip over.

As I shift my weight BACK to free up the front legs, I will allow Annie’s neck to STRAIGHTEN. VERY IMPORTANT to get the weight off her front end. If her neck is bent, it keeps the weight on her front end and she can’t move it. I turn my shoulders, put my leg on and bring the stick around towards her shoulder. If she doesn’t respond by pivoting on her hind leg and moving the shoulder, I tap her on the shoulder to get a nice pivot. Learn to PUSH the direct rein turn rather than PULL on the rein.

Let me know how you are doing on your Indirect/Direct Yields. I hope these tips help you!

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