Improve Responsiveness Using Rein Pre-Signals

Pat Parelli often says, “Mind, Weight, Maybe the Feet.”  What on earth does that mean?!?   Ray Hunt used to say, “Prepare to a position to make the transition.”  They were talking about pre-signals to prepare the horse to do what we ask.
Pat also says, “Lift your rein for a change.”  The Lift is a Pre-signal.  If the horse is standing still and Pat wants to walk off, he will bring his Life up, lift the rein and get a walk motion in his body.  The signal travels to the horse’s Mind, and from there to the Feet.  He shifts his Weight.  Then the Feet can do the right thing.  If Pat wants to trot, he lifts his rein for a change and gets a trot motion in his body.  The signal goes to the horse’s mind first, and he is able to shift his weight and prepare to trot.  Pre-signals are a powerful, important piece of our communication with the horse on the ground and in the saddle.
Come ride with me in one of our Clinics where we will cover in more depth about how to develop a stronger relationship and better communication with your horse.   Register for the clinics of your choice here –    Hope to see you soon!
Happy Trails,
Christi Rains

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