Parelli has announced major changes to their official assessment procedures.  It’s great to see the whole thing laid out all the way through Level 4.  I am using the Parelli Patterns and the new Assessments to see where each of my horses rates in their development.  The new assessments are much more user  friendly, and designed to help students progress through the program.  No more getting stuck in Level 1 or Level 2 jail.

For example, to pass Level 1, there is no riding!  It’s On-LIne only!  Level 2 is On-Line and Freestyle only!  Level 3 is On-Line,  Liberty, and Freestyle only.  Level 4 is the first time Finesse comes into play.  The assessments will be conducted one Savvy at a time, and will be a  Level 1/Level 2 or a Level 3/Level 4 audition set to music.

In the new system, you will need to be a Savvy Club member, and you will be able to audition one Savvy at a time.  You’ll receive a certificate for each Savvy passed, and you can go all the way through Level 4 in one or two Savvies.  You can specialize in On-Line and Liberty and never ride if you wish.  You can get Level 4 on the ground while working on Level 2 in the saddle.  You will receive your string when you have passed all four Savvies in a particular level.

At the current time, all auditions will be assessed through the Parelli Office.  At some point, the Parelli Instructors will be assessing as well, and we’ll let you know as soon as that change has occurred.  You can get detailed information about the auditions and assessment criteria on the Parelli Connect website.

You can see an example of Christi Rains’ Level 4 Liberty Audition on YouTube.  Keep in mind when you do your auditions that Pat doesn’t want to see tricks or fancy things, he wants to see Patterns, Compulsories and “simple things done well.”