Teach Your Horse To Pick You Up From The Fence

Teach your horse to pick you up from the fence - www.christirains.comI love it when my horse acts like a Partner and automatically comes over to pick me up from the fence or a mounting block.  It's much safer when it's their idea.  They are more likely to stand quietly as you mount.  More people are hurt getting on and getting off than any other time. 

It is also much easier on a horse's back to mount from a mounting block or fence.  You are less likely to damage their back.  Alternating sides also keeps you and the horse from being so crooked. 

It's easy to teach your horse to pick you up from the fence by making it more comfortable and causing it to be their idea.  Especially if you don't get on every time they get in position.  Sometimes, scratch their itchy spots or rub them and don't get on.  If they insist on moving away, check your saddle.  It may be causing pain.  Most saddles are too tight in the withers area.  

Develop Positive Reflexes in your horse using Psychology and Understanding versus Force, Fear and Intimidation, and your horse will be a Joy.

Watch the video below as I step you through the process of teaching your horse to pick you up from the fence.

Happy Trails,

Christi Rains

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