While there are many "natural" horsemanship trainers throughout Texas, Christi Rains' students have found her approach to teaching unique.  She uses patience, encouragement, and a supportive attitude to help build confidence in both the horse and human.  Her students go home with the tools they need to reach whatever horsemanship goals they may have, be that personal or professional.  Christi is a Licensed 4-Star Parelli Instructor with over 17 years experience teaching Parelli Natural Horsemanship.  Learn more about Parelli Natural Horsemanship and natural horsemanship clinics offered by Christi.

Christi and CR:

Thanks for being gracious hosts for me and my wife when we came to you for private instruction-training. Christi is the PERFECT coach and CR adds to the whole experience by being as nice as Christi is. Over many years, I have had many cutting horse trainers work with me and my horses, and most of them yelled and shouted at me – made me so nervous I couldn't think about what they were trying to tell me. But with Christi, no yelling. Never upset with us. Just always so nice and calm. Your instructions are clear as a bell, and with perfect patience when I did not understand. So a BIG THANKS to you. Your knowledge and competence is beyond question. Whoever might read this, please go to Christi and you will see that she can be completely trusted. You will learn more than you ever expected.

Thanks to Christi and CR

Louie Modling

Gosh, I learned so much from you participating in that clinic and am still digesting and practicing it all.  The most significant was is how important Freestyle is.  Freestyle is taking on a whole new meaning for me and my horse.  He is an LBE and I always tended to gravitate towards riding finesse with him.  He likes to use his body in a frame and seems to enjoy having contact using the reins.  I realize it was easier for me to ride him Finesse now that I have been doing much more freestyle.  I think freestyle tests your connection, especially with an LBE who thinks they are the boss, and I am learning my connection needs to be stronger so I can ride freestyle successfully eventually leading to bridleless riding.

Other really important things I learned from you is to slow down… pre-cues.  This has seemed to really help improve the brace my horse had.  Very exciting for me and feels so good!  Also, I have always acted more like the dominant stallion and now trying to be more of the lead mare…. and it is working.  My draw has really improved and I am learning to control my emotions so that if my horses don't follow me I don't feel disappointed.

Anyway, think about you lot's when working on my horsemanship and wanted to say thank you for all you shared at the clinic.  Really hope you will be coming back to Oregon next year.


Paige Kochan -Hereford, OR

"Christi and Dianne,

Trying to put into words, why I so much enjoyed this weekend…

Christi, you’re the best. You took 8 students, various abilities and gave constructive but totally positive guidance/advice and attitude. Kept me motivated. I could hear your smile all weekend. Don’t you ever get tired??

Dianne, your place was awesome with many obstacles that we may not have otherwise had a chance to practice on. Thanks for your generous hospitality and good eats. Well done! It was an easy drive for me, light on the gas tank, and we got to go back to our own beds and hay in the evening.

All the students got along great! Lots of camaraderie. No hidden agendas or crappy attitudes –yeay Central TX!! Knowing most everyone, I felt as tho’ we were all on the same page and part of something really cool.

I was exposed to more advanced moves this weekend, which is much more in-line with my personality. Show me more level 3 & 4 please!! And if my pony hadn’t started to fault and stumble, I would have LOVED to continue on in the cow game. I think Jackson is very smart and hopefully I can match his energy J If you had only seen him down at the creek – he made a liar out of me.

Thanks lots"

Tommi, Texas

"Hi Christie, I want to thank you for a wonderful Game of Contact class in Gilroy, California this past weekend. I learned so much. Even though it was the most advanced class I have had within the Parelli system, you taught it in such a way I could learn it, understand it, and best of all, use it with my horse! I hope we cross paths again soon! Thanks so much!"

Darlene Judd – Kanab, Utah

"The entire horse world should be beating Christi's door down, but only if they want to dramatically improve the rapport and respect they have with their horse. Not only have I made amazing progress with my horsemanship, but I have seen others do the same. Thank you Christi!"

Isabelle Farmer, Texas

Hello fellow Instructors!  My name is Julie Payne and I am a 2-Star Junior Instructor in Lexington, Texas.  I, like many of you, are working non-stop on getting my Level 4 in Online, Liberty and Freestyle.  I want to share a secret to gaining this goal!  Her name is Christi Rains!  She is my mentor and friend!  If you are struggling with your Level 4 goals, and you are anywhere close to Christi, I would highly recommend that you come and learn from her.  I am struggling with Flying Lead Changes due to an injury my horse had many years ago.  I would have never found all the pieces of the puzzle, the ingredients, by myself.  I needed support.  I love this journey that I am on. There are times that I say, "I am never going to make this requirement by September!"  But Christi points me in the right direction and says that YES I CAN!  And because of this, I will know how to teach Flying Lead Changes when my time arrives.  I heard Carol Coppinger say during our 2-Star Instructor class, that if you are within 8 hours of a higher level Instructor, you are LUCKY!!  Well I am absolutely blessed to only be 3 hours away.  I would like to share how Christi has helped me succeed as an Instructor by using the Seven Keys to Success!

Attitude:  Christi is always ready to share any information that will make you a better horseman.  Her attitude is always positive, progressive and natural.  She finds positive in everything, which includes allowing the horse to OFFER things, and we take them, even if it was not what you were trying to do.

Knowledge:  I am confident that what I learn from Christi is PURE PARELLI!  I know that it is as close to Pat and Linda that you can get.  I enjoy learning specific details and strategies.  She easily explains how to take an opportunity with your horse, and turn it into a positive.  As I go through many "problems" with my horse (I mean me!),  she teaches me how to work through the problem to get positive reflexes and respect.  What a deal!

Tools and Technique:  Christi is constantly striving to be the best horseman she can be.  She takes care of her horsemanship, recently becoming the newest Game Of Contact Instructor in the United States.  I'm only 3 hours away!  WOOHOO!  She has knowledge of the new techniques, and the basics that have been taught since the beginning.

Time:  Christi has made time for me to learn, being extremely flexible, letting me come to several clinics and arrive a day early and stay a day later to film, take private lessons and practice.  She always makes the time to help you and stays with you until you get a positive response.

Imagination:  I love the way that Christi uses imagination and gives us permission to experiment.  I always leave their having many more arrows in my quiver.

Support:  Christi believes that higher level Instructors should support new instructors, not compete with them.  I believe this to, and for Christi's unconditional support, I think she should get her 5th Star!! Smiles:)

Julie Payne – Texas

"It doesn't matter how many clinics I do, I always learn something new, even in the Level 1.  Christi has such a great way of teaching.  She creates a calm and safe learning environment for everyone.  I have great respect and admiration for her horsemanship, the caliber of which is not seen every day.  Thank you Christi for sharing your gift! "

Rebecca Gillman

"Amazing……'How little does it take for me to send a message to my horse.'  Thank you Christi. "

Kathy Parker

"I have seen the videos of Linda Parelli teaching rude reins vs. polite reins and a one rein stop and balance point on a barrel, but until I felt it, I could not completely appreciate and put it in my muscle memory.  It had a huge impact on me and has changed my riding even after several years of studying Parelli.  Thank you Christi. "

Debra Saye

"I wanted to say that the course Level 1 class taught by Christi was more than I expected. Christi is so informative and so helpful. She takes the time for each class member and has such patience and highest knowledge about the horse. She and her husband made me feel so welcome into their home. Pat and Linda are very fortunate to have Christi Rains as an instructor under their name. She is amazing! I would suggest to anyone to take a course from Christi. I know I plan to take as many as I possibly can. I saw an immediate response from my horse and learned so much about myself. Thank you Christi and C.R., you are both wonderful people!!! Blessings to you both."

Mary Sawyer – Tyler, Texas

"Christi, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this weekend at the Partnership clinic, and how much I look forward to class #2. Thanks for helping me realize that Denny lacks confidence rather than just being stubborn.  I really want to help him develop his confidence and skills.  I know he can learn; he is smart AND sweet. I also want to overcome my own lack of confidence in my ability to help him.  Your classes this weekend really helped me see many things I need to work on to help Denny.  Your method of instructing is really clear. Thanks also to C.R. – every meal was GREAT.  You two made everyone feel totally at home and comfortable.  Thanks for opening your home to us."

Lynn Bettis – Grand Prairie, Texas

"I would like to express my gratefulness to Pat and Linda for this wonderful program.  I have had the pleasure of a journey for several years due to an abused little mare. My husband and granddaughter have both become interested in this program this year and I felt the timing to involve a local instructor would spur them on to success.  Wow!  Who could have known that it would have done that and so much more.  Christi Rains has to be one of your crown jewels in this organization.  She is a true professional with the kindness and emotional fitness to handle every issue that your program encourages.  Not only was the clinic handled well, but Christ and her husband opened their home to the group…..she nourished our minds and he nourished our bodies. Thank you for PNH and Christi Rains."

Diane Robertson – Rockn R Curlies, Nacogdoches, Texas

"Thanks Christi for teaching me the skills and knowledge to be in harmony with Patty.  I do feel a new confidence in where, when and how to be with her.  It is exciting to think how refining all this will feel.  I am looking forward to continue to grow our relationship.  Thanks again not only for your teaching but your friendship!"

Yvonne Cash – Texas

"Thank you Christi for the Level 2 Trail Clinic!  We had such a wonderful time.  You helped each one of us set up our trail rides for success by your kind and compassionate teaching.  Calm, responsive horses, on a beautiful day, with spectacular scenery–what more could you ask for?!"

Heidi Lowthorp

"I would like to make some comments about Christi Rains, who has been my clinic trainer since my start in the Parelli program.  I have gone to probably 6-8 clinics with her.  She is such an incredible teacher!!  She always has a plan and a focus.  She is always sensitive to the overall level of the classes, in other words, she generally doesn't ask more than everyone in the class is able to do and then she will do some things to stretch us.  she is patient with all, including the ones, like me, who don't have a clue when they first get started and sometimes still don't have a clue even after being in the program for several years.  She also exhibits the what I call "true teacher" factor, which is the concern for each students progress in the program." Sincerely,

Kristin Ford – Burleson, Texas

"I just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for such great instructors.  I recently participated in a Christi Rains Liberty clinic and had a wonderful time.  The participants ranged from those just beginning their Liberty to those currently studying level three Liberty and Christi was wonderful with each of us.  She pointed out some things to me that seem so small, but are actually HUGE, such as body position, and knowing when to be, where to be, why to be, and what to do when you get there… and what a difference it makes when communicating with my horse!  She is so knowledgeable and such a good teacher, and we all learned so much from her.  I'm so excited to continue my journey through the program."

Shannon Byrne and Scout currently playing in level 3