Finesse Without Stress – Improve Your Posture

Would you like to be a more polished, elegant rider?    
Would you like to get out of your horse’s way to help him perform to the best of his ability?
At the recent Horseman’s Gallery at the Parelli Ranch in Florida, Pat and Linda Parelli shared concepts and tips they have gathered in their years of riding with, learning from and even teaching, the top horsemen and horsewomen in the  world.  They are highly motivated to help Parelli students become better riders and improve our horsemanship.  
Be the best partner you can be for your horse.  Learn how your seat and posture affect your horse’s movement, and ability to respond to your requests.  Christi Rains is Parelli Certified as a Finesse Specialist to teach you and your horse Finesse without Stress.  Come ride with Christi for a Rider Makeover.  View her clinic schedule here –

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