Please find detailed natural horsemanship clinic descriptions, pricing and information on scheduling a private lesson on our Clinic Info page.  Click here for a Printable Version.

Clinic Costs:  $425 – Regular Price, $400 – Clinic paid in full 30 days in advance, $375 – EARLY BIRD (BEST DEAL!) Clinic paid in full by January 31, 2018; $250 – Deposit required to reserve your spot (balance due 2 weeks prior to clinic)

NOTE:  For out-of-town clinics** (Clinics not at Christi’s ranch in Cleburne), please contact the Clinic Host listed on the schedule for pricing, registration and location info. as this information will vary by location.  Clinic descriptions can be located here.

Multiple Clinic Discount – $25 off each additional clinic after the first completed clinic in each clinic season (Spring/Fall)

Want to pay with a credit card?  No problem.  Just PayPal your clinic deposits/registration fees to and enter the amount to send.

Start Date Clinic Name Location Contact/Clinic Host Register
Jan 20-21 Cowboy Dressage at Liberty Aubrey Christi Rains
Jan 27-Feb 4 Christi Riding with Linda Parelli Ocala, FL
Feb 5-7 Parelli Instructor Conference Ocala, FL
Feb 24-25 Parelli Level 3/4 Clinic Cleburne, TX Christi Rains
Feb 26 Optional Day Cleburne, TX Christi Rains
Mar 3-4 Cowboy Dressage and CD Liberty Cleburne, TX Christi Rains    Cancelled
Mar 10-11 Level 1 Clinic Cleburne, TX Christi Rains
Mar 17-18 Finesse Training Sequence Cleburne, TX Christi Rains
Mar 19 Optional Day Cleburne, TX Christi Rains
Mar 23-24 Advanced L1/Beginning Level 2 Alvin, TX Laura Burkey
Mar 25 Level 2 Waller, TX Rebecca Gilman
Mar 31-Apr 1 Cowbo Dressage and CD Liberty Cleburne, TX Christi Rains
Apr 7-8 Bluebonnet Trail Clinic Cleburne,TX Christi Rains
Apr 14-15 Level 3/4 Clinic Cleburne, TX  Christi Rains
Apr 16 Optional Day Cleburne, TX Christi Rains
Apr 21-22 Level 2 Cleburne, TX Christi Rains
Apr 27-28 Cowboy Dressage Clinic by Eitan

Christi is doing a Liberty Demo

Aubrey, TX Bonnie Siegel
May 4-6 Game of Contact Arroyo Grande, CA Tricia Giz
May 12-13 Cowboy Dressage Arroyo Grande, CA Tricia Giz
May 26-28 Cowboy Dressage and CD Liberty Reno, NV Marie Chance
May 29 Private Lessons Reno, NV Marie Chance
Jun 1-3 Cowboy Dressage and CD Liberty Stillwater, OK Marsha Winn
Jun 8-10 Level 3/4 Clinic Cleburne, TX Christi Rains
Jun 11 Optional Day Cleburne, TX Christi Rains
Jun 15-17 Cowboy Dressage Stockton, NJ  Jeane Devries
Jun 30-Jul 1 Level 1 Clinic Cleburne, TX Christi Rains
Aug 26-Sept 2 Christi at Linda Parelli Advanced Masterclass Pagosa Springs, CO
Sept 7-9 Parelli Savvy Summit Pagosa Springs, CO
Sept 29-30 Cowboy Dressage & CD Liberty Stillwater, OK Marsha Winn
Oct 6-9 Broadview Ranch Parelli Retreat Lexington, VA Christi Rains
Oct 14-14 Cowboy Dressage World Finals Rancho Murieta, CA

Please Note:  A deposit of $250 will be required to complete your clinic registration. Balance in full is due two weeks before the clinic starts. Register for a clinic or schedule a private lesson here.


Christi Rains’ Parelli Natural Horsemanship Clinic Schedule — 39 Comments

  1. Hi Christi…I can’t find the full cost of your clinics, private lessons, or stay in your guest room on your website. I just returned from David Lichman’s clinic in Austin this past weekend with Maggie (my RBE paint mare). On the ground went very well, liberty showed up for the first time! Riding Saturday afternoon was pretty good, Sunday afternoon her EXTREME RBE showed up. Somebody changed out my mare for another one who was very, very RB. It even surprised David. 🙁 Here are her issues that I’m aware of:
    1. She’s very buddy sweet
    2. She was started on barrels and poles so arena riding is not her favorite. (At home she’s become very calm in the arena.)
    3. No matter what I did to support her she continuously leaked out through her jaw and shoulders. I ended up getting off because riding in the arena with 12 other horses uncorked her. We could participate in David’s rhythm of the ride at a walk, in fact she was the last horse going at a fast walk, just the gaited horses were able to finish at the fastest walk tempo. Trotting…it all went pear shaped.

    So, I need some help and not sure where to enroll her in one of your clinics.


    • Hi Kim! It’s great to hear from you! The information you are looking for can be found by clicking on the “Clinic & Fee Info” tab of the navigation bar. The url for that page is here –

      I’ll pass your comments on to Christi and have her email you back.


      Lisa Carter
      Clinic Coordinator for Christi Rains

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  5. Hello,

    I would like to schedule private lessons with you for a Level 1 Clinic. The weekends of September 20-21 and 27-28 would be great if you are available then. Have a wonderful time in Co and please let me know. Thank you so much!

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  7. Hi, Lisa,

    I registered for Christi's Nov 22nd clinic in Cedar Park and just wanted to check that it went through.  Should I have received a confirmation email?  There was something at the bottom of the Registration page re: 'if you have gmail' and I didn't pay sufficient attention to the directions to follow up.

    • Hi Ruth!  Yes, your registration went through just fine.  Since this is an out of town clinic hosted by Dianne Pursch, the clinic host will be the one contacting you rather than me.  She was sent a copy of your registration.  Any questions you have about the clinic you can direct to her.  Her contact information is located on the schedule page by clicking on the name of the host.  Please let me know if you have any problems.  If you have gmail, the emails may be going to the Promotions tab and you would need to move them over the the main tab in order to keep them from ending up there.  Let me know if you have any other questions or need help with anything!


      Lisa Carter – Clinic Coordinator for Christi Rains

    • Hey Kaylon I'm from Shreveport and was wondering if you ever found information about auditing the horse class in greenwood.


      Lori Douglas

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  9. Hi,

    A friend told me yesterday that your ranch in about a mile away from me and that I should connect with you since I use natural horsemanship with my own horses. I looked up your website today and see that you have a clinic this weekend. Is it possible to sit in on the clinic for a fee without participating? If not, when is the next beginner's class that is at your ranch?  

    • Hi Liz     Yes, you may audit the clinic for $25 per day or $45 for the weekend.     We will have class from 9 to 4:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday.     The most important time to be there is Saturday morning the first two hours, when I will cover the heart of the Parelli program.     Auditors get to take part in the simulations the first part of the day.     Hope to see you this weekend!

  10. Hi, I´m from Perú, South América, I´m so interesting to follow Christi Rains´ clinics. Due to I should travel from my country, ¿Is there some Parelli method´s intensive course from on line to finesse? if yes, what are the conditions. Thanks

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  12. Can you participate in a clinic if you are a minor? I am 17 and I’d really like to attend the Level 1/2 clinic Nov 21-22

    • Hi Kimmy! Yes, absolutely you can participate. Your parents will need to come with you and sign a liability release. And you will be required to wear a helmet during the riding portions of the clinic. Please feel free to contact me if you have other questions at and I’ll be happy to help you. Hope you can make it 🙂

      Lisa Carter
      Clinic Coordinator for Christi Rains

  13. Hello! I would like to attend a lot of clinics. when will your full 2016 schedule be out. trying to plan my calendar for the year. thank you and blessings

  14. I’ve ridden with Christi in level 1 class but its been a long while..I can’t ride my horse right because I was rear ended in Oct 2014…under drs care…I can still audit classes though….do I need to sign up for the audit for the next level 1 class? Also please let Christi know that a friend in Alabama is trying yo find a home for a 4 ur old gelding..they just never connected…he’s 4 yes old and 14.1 hands….really pretty..and he’s free…..

    • Hi Linda,

      Yes, if you wouldn’t mind, please fill out the Registration form and just specify in the comments section that you will be auditing only. It helps us with head counts and all 🙂 I will definitely pass along the info to Christi about the gelding your friend is looking for a home. We look forward to seeing you at the Level 1 Clinic!

      Lisa Carter
      Clinic Coordinator for Christi Rains

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  17. Good afternoon! Can you provide details for the December mini clinic weekend please? What is the format & lesson plan? Thank you!

    • Hi Marissa!

      The Mini Clinics will be (4) three hour Workshops.  Saturday from 9-noon, then 2-5 pm. and same hours on Sunday.  Students can request the subjects of their choice.  I am taking suggestions now.  The first session of each day will be a form of ground work.  The afternoon sessions can be a continuance of the morning session or a different subject, groundwork or riding.

      There is a huge variety of possibilities —  Liberty, Trail Challenges, Flying Lead Changes (in any savvy), Jumping, Better Posture (for horses or humans), Ride Better, Freestyle, Finesse, On Line, Level 1, 2, 3 or 4, Improving Confidence in Horse or Human, Cow Games with the Parelli Green Balls, Finesse Training Sequence, Better Sideways, Better Backup…the possibilities are endless.

      Hope to see you!


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  19. Is it still $25 a day or $45 for whole weekend to audit clincs? I would like to attend the one the weekend of March 18-19.

    • Yes, Erica.     That is correct.    $25 per day or $45 for a weekend to audit clinics at my place.     I hope to see you March 18-19.    Be sure to bring a chair, drinks and snacks.

  20. I would like to know if there are any Level 1 clinics scheduled for the East or SE Texas areas, that you know of? I'm looking on behalf of my 15 yr old daughter and I don't know where to even start looking for clinics. 

  21. Hello,

    I may be interested in the Advancing Horsemanship clinc on Nov 4-5.  Can you tell me the exact location in Denton?


    Kathy Kettenbeil

    • Hi Kathy,

      You can contact the Host for all the venue details, pricing, stall fees, etc..  The contact information is listed in the Host column on the Clinic Schedule 🙂 


      Lisa Carter

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