Trail Safety Down Hills – In The Saddle And On The Ground

Trail Safety Tips for riding your horse down hill and leading down a narrow trail - www.christirains.comIn this week's trail safety video, I'll demonstrate some scenarios that you might encounter on the trail and offer some suggestions that will help keep you and your horse safer while enjoying the great outdoors! 

Scenario #1 – Sometimes we need to lead a horse down a narrow trail.  Have you ever been crowded by your horse when he's nervous?  Or even worse, has your horse knocked you down or stepped on you when startled?  If he respects my personal space, he will find a way to spook around me instead of flattening me when the unexpected happens.   I'll show you some safety tips to teach your horse to respect your space.  Your horse wouldn't bump into the lead horse.  How can you earn the same respect out on the trail?

Scenario #2 – When trail riding, horses often want to rush down hills, making them more likely to trip or fall.  In the saddle, with the rider looking down the hill, can put the horse's weight on the forehand, making him more likely to rush down the hill or trip.  Instead of looking down, focus ahead in the distance for safety.   In the video, I'll show you how to stop your horse halfway down the hill to break the pattern of rushing, and how to back your horse up the hill for better control, balance and safety going down hills.

If you enjoyed these tips, I'd love to share more with you at one of my Parelli Natural Horsemanship Clinics.  Find a clinic near you on my Clinic Schedule

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